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Posted January 12th in General

We launched NextMedia360 (our friends call us NM360), four years ago this month.  Wow, where does time go?!  When we launched the division in 2007 the iPhone was announced but didn’t have an app store, our incoming president was trendy enough to be our first leader with a BlackBerry.  The iPad was a fictitious device that Saturday Night Live had created in a skit.  Everyone used Myspace and Facebook was still mostly just for college-aged students, ask a friend if they tweeted and odd stares would ensue.

The conversation for local businesses was “do we need a website, is it worth the cost” or “should it be flash,” the mobile revolution was in its infancy, and advertisers had the luxury of worrying about creating a website that looked good on a computer.    Fast forward to today,  I have had a plasma TV installed since 2004, I also had a computer hooked up to it so I could watch Netflix.  This week I decided to upgrade my TV, DVD player, and Xbox for my kids, ALL THREE devices have apps that connect to watch Netflix!  In one day, I went from having to have a PC hooked to my TV to watch online videos to being able to choose from any of the three connected devices.   In 2007 we thought the world was moving at light speed, we had not seen anything yet.

Google predicted in 2011 almost 40% of all last minute holiday searches would be executed on a mobile device.  Twenty-twelve is year that the mobile device in your pocket turns into a payment device.  Your average consumer has at least 3 screens in their lives, TV, Computer, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, etc…  Each device needs to give the consumer a tailored experience.  Ever wonder why the iPhone created the pinch and zoom features on their devices?  It’s because the phone was smarter than the website and needed to compensate for the website’s inability to be flexible.   Google also reported that 60% surveyed reported they would never return to a website if they visited on a mobile device and the website wasn’t mobile compatible.  Smartphones have almost 60% penetration in the 25-34 year old demographic and over 50% in 18-54.  You cannot afford to ignore your mobile presence.

The days of deciding if you need an online presence are done.  It is no longer a luxury, but rather a ticket to the game.  Where does this leave the average local business owner or marketing director? Probably more than a little overwhelmed.  We have not even begun to discuss the advertising plan to get people to your website in the first place.  NextMedia360 was born out of a desire to empower the local advertiser, we feel the closer you work with us, the deeper our relationship will become. The concept is simple, we call it push / pull.  Use a local media source to push a message to a mass audience.  Then, use our digital products to inform the people who were interested in what your commercial had to say by giving the information they need to pull in to feel comfortable in making a purchase.  We can handle your image and branding from the first communication received by a potential customer all the way through the sale.

Our new website was designed by utilizing a concept called “responsive theme.”   What does that mean?  Simple, look at our website on a computer and then pull it up on your smartphone, then try a slate product like an iPad.  Each time you change the screen size, the website knows it and adjusts accordingly.  This is the future of web design, or at least the future as of today!  As technology evolves, the way consumers communicate with their favorite brands evolve as well. This spirit of change is what keeps us up at night evolving solutions for our customers.

We hope you enjoy the website, and that it explains just who we are and how we can help.  Very few businesses can do what we can do, but you won’t care how much we know until you know how much we care.  I would invite you to contact any appropriate team member or myself on the “our team page.”   Please check back often, as our goal is to produce at least 12 relevant blog postings each month.  You can also get a real feel for our design by reviewing the gallery, you can sort by both product and advertiser category.  We are proud of our new website and hope you enjoy it as much as we do, but the website is simply a mirror that reflects our customers.



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