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So you just finished that sweet video showcasing your company’s products and services…. nice work!

Wait… how long is it? You gotta cut that thing down to 2 minutes or less.  I know, it seems crazy, considering all the crap TV shows and movies we sit thru (and pay for) but YouTube is different. There is no build up, no suspense. There is no Bruce Willis/M Knight Shamalamadingdong moment we are all waiting for.

Deliver the goods.  Quick.

Otherwise, you WILL lose them.

When I’m watching a boring video, its like a MacGruber 5 second countdown clock.

What video on the right side of the screen will I click?  What words will I search for to end this 5 minute boring epic journey I was watching?

…. Oooooh  ”FAT KID GETS SHOT WITH PAINTBALLS” …. now we’re talking!

I watched that whole video.

I saw the fat kid.

I …