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5 Steps to Sales

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I think it’s official.  Everyone’s on the Twitter.  Your local TV news department, late night comedians (@CraigyFerg), dead presidents (@PresMcKinley), even my mom… they’re all on Twitter.  You can also follow us (@NextMedia360).  So how does it work to spread the good word about your business or cause?

Before I get into that, it’s necessary to introduce you to the 5 Steps to Sales.

At NextMedia 360 we believe there are 5 Steps to Sales:

1: Information: information is pushed out using advertising and media.  A powerful, emotionally engaging message is important.

2: Confirmation: the prospect subconsciously decides if the information provides them with something they want or need.

3: Verification: the prospect will do research to see if your claims are justified and to verify his/her interest.

4: Sale: the prospect does your call to action (comes in the store, visits your website, watches your video, …