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Keep ‘em Seperated!

What is the difference between advertising and marketing? Ask 100 people, get 100 different answers. Here is my take:

Marketing:  The entire process of introducing and maintaining your brand.  

Goal:  Utilizing an environment (or multiple environments) to deepen a relationship.

Advertising:  The process of sending a message out to the masses and prospects that may have not yet expressed an interest in your product. Advertising is one segment of marketing.

Goal: Informing prospects with a message based on their wants, needs or desires, in order to encourage the prospect to want to learn more.

So many times business owners confuse the two.  Just because you have an advertising plan, doesn’t mean you have a marketing plan.

Here is the key question to ask yourself: now what?  If your advertising plan was well thought out, you just reached a whole bunch of new people with …

Social Media ROI, a Tale of Two Brands

Right up front I want to apologize for this long article, we try to use word economy in our writings.    However, this is an important debate and I wanted to take the time to source my views.  I usually try to write about concepts and not specific brands, however, this comparison is too perfect to pass up.  Full disclosure, a local Domino’s franchise in Michigan has used our services before, but we have done no work on their corporate branding.  This posting is just opinion; no clients have paid for exposure in this blog.  OK, disclaimers over, now on to the show.

Recently I had a conversation with someone regarding Social Media and its ability to draw a direct correlation from his time spent to his return on investment.  This person has a very accomplished background with data sets and …