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It’s all about ME!

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Psychology Today published a great article this month (you can read it here) that basically confirms what I’ve long suspected.  America is increasingly becoming a nation of narcissists.  According to the author, reality shows, talent shows, young Disney starlets, YouTube, and all other forms of social media are contributing to the rise of narcissism in teens and pre-teens.  The need to feed an ego and become famous has started to turn some people off to the notion of society and common good because it doesn’t fit their life.  Community does nothing to benefit ME.  So when the ego drowns out messages that do not appeal directly to building my sense of self, when ads clutter our lives like so much noise, and when there are now innumerable methods to attract attention to ourselves (while ignoring others) I have to ask…  what are YOU …

Keep ‘em Seperated!

What is the difference between advertising and marketing? Ask 100 people, get 100 different answers. Here is my take:

Marketing:  The entire process of introducing and maintaining your brand.  

Goal:  Utilizing an environment (or multiple environments) to deepen a relationship.

Advertising:  The process of sending a message out to the masses and prospects that may have not yet expressed an interest in your product. Advertising is one segment of marketing.

Goal: Informing prospects with a message based on their wants, needs or desires, in order to encourage the prospect to want to learn more.

So many times business owners confuse the two.  Just because you have an advertising plan, doesn’t mean you have a marketing plan.

Here is the key question to ask yourself: now what?  If your advertising plan was well thought out, you just reached a whole bunch of new people with …


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Treat your email list like gold.  Because it is.

Email Marketing, when done correctly, can still be EXTREMELY effective.  The reason it gets a bad rap is because of the people that ruined it.  Y’know, those same people who are on the verge of ruining Text-based Marketing.  It’s not the method, it’s the people hitting the “send” button.  In the right hands, email (and text) marketing can work wonders for your business.

If you were both lucky and unlucky enough to inherit an existing client email list, I wish you all the best.  Getting email list subscribers right off the bat is nice initially, but the reality is, that list was probably beat up pretty bad before getting handed over to you.

Think about all those people you have to win back after they got spammed with boring content and irrelevant news and …