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It’s all about ME!

Social Media. Comments Off

Psychology Today published a great article this month (you can read it here) that basically confirms what I’ve long suspected.  America is increasingly becoming a nation of narcissists.  According to the author, reality shows, talent shows, young Disney starlets, YouTube, and all other forms of social media are contributing to the rise of narcissism in teens and pre-teens.  The need to feed an ego and become famous has started to turn some people off to the notion of society and common good because it doesn’t fit their life.  Community does nothing to benefit ME.  So when the ego drowns out messages that do not appeal directly to building my sense of self, when ads clutter our lives like so much noise, and when there are now innumerable methods to attract attention to ourselves (while ignoring others) I have to ask…  what are YOU …

I want to be Krazy Glue

Have you ever been in the market for a specific product and as soon as you officially enter into the “sales cycle” it seems like advertisements and articles start jumping out at you and other people seem to be enjoying the same product EVERYWHERE?!? Well, that happened to me when I was working on my last blog about the power of collaboration. The next week I read an article from www.entrepreneur.com about “Forget Networking. How to be a Connector.”

Networking…Collaborating…Connecting… what’s the difference? In my mind, the levels of Collaboration vary like the difference between Elmers Glue and Krazy Glue.   Elmers Glue can be great for smaller projects, but when you are working on bigger events and bigger projects, you need to reach outside of your comfort zone to the players in your marketplace that have the resources to make it …