How to Sell your Boss on Social Media

Almost every day I hear people say that social media is a fad and they want it to go away. Your boss may not like social media either but their friend, client, colleague, mechanic, restaurateur and grocer don’t think the same. Every day, organizations are floored at the reach and support they are given by using Social Media.

Considering that most Social Media is FREE, it makes you wonder why people don’t take advantage of it. There is good reason for this ! Unfortunately, there is a great deal of “fluff” and “irrelevant” information out there. People don’t want to waste their time digging through all the online “clutter.”  More importantly, organizations aren’t sure what to promote and/or the proper way to do so. This doesn’t help the situation any further.

Advertise effectively, you have a FREE ticket to share information with people who already like your brand. If you promote offers and incentives combined with happy customers and great experiences, you have a winning combination. Your customers will share your information and experience with their friends and in turn they do the same. By being a part of the community, it shows that you are in the community.

Know your audience and be a consumer in your audience. Show people that you aren’t just a brand but a personable individual who cares. Believe it or not, people tend to trust reviews or friends opinions over that of a company.

People talk! Being a good listener is essential to anyone’s success. When people are speaking about your product or brand, listen. You can garner a great deal of insight from their feedback and reviews. Their feedback could be your next marketing campaign or million-dollar idea!

Sharing isn’t just for baby photos and having latte’s at the park. Record testimonials of happy customers with your smart phone and post them online. Offer incentives that are time sensitive to drive traffic. Sponsor community events and document it online. If they see you care, then in turn they will care about you.

Stay current and relevant. A lot of organizations let Social Media go to the way side and update irregularly. You just spent $20,000 on your newsprint ad. How did that work out for you? You just spent 10 minutes online posting a happy child with your product and a satisfied mom. Five hundred people liked and shared it in a matter of hours. That cost you nothing and you gained people’s interest. When they purchase in-store or online, ask them how they heard about you.

Tech talk will only get you so far, speak rationally and clearly. Educate those who don’t understand with articles, charts, sales figures and relative information. When you finally get the “ah ha” moment, you have a champion who is eager to commit to the vision.

Being social, aware and proactive produces exponential results time and time again. If you aren’t utilizing Social Media, I guarantee your competition is. It could be why they are the competition. Look at how they are marketing themselves and take your organization to the next level.

Social Media isn’t a fad it’s here to stay. In fact the numbers prove that social media is growing rapidly day-to-day. Linkedin (150 million+ members), Facebook (900 million users), Twitter (500 million users). Additionally, there are dozens of other Social Networking sites that all synch up with one another. So what are you waiting for? How successful do you want your organization to become?

Want to get an idea off the ground?
Create a “test” program. Implement the same program you are displaying in your radio, print, online and television campaigns. Tell your boss it is trial for 30, 60 or 90 days and that it won’t interfere with your regular duties. Most importantly… IT WILL COST THEM NOTHING! Take detailed notes and chart out the increase in sales, community support, reach, and traffic to your organization. Make sure that your Social Media figures are detailed and relevant. Don’t go big at first but take baby steps. Small victories add up to winning the war. How else are you going to convince them?

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