Online Business Botox

Posted March 29th in Social Media

The prospect of Facebook can be daunting to long-time business owners. Traditionally, when business owners think of how their business looks, they usually think of things like storefronts, street signs, inventory displays and even how their employees dress and act. What business owners may not think of is how their business looks to online users, or even what their logo conveys.

In an ever-changing technological world, the storefront’s impact is always changing as well. The storefront of a business now has three doorways: street side, on a website, and on social media. It’s surprising how many businesses don’t consider their online image in their marketing approach.  They are missing a huge opportunity to capitalize on an online audience. This may seem like a daunting task, particularly for a long-standing business. However, this does not mean the business needs to start from scratch, it just means a small virtual facelift is in order.   A business that has been in a community for twenty years has seen success- there is no reason they can’t see more success, simply by doing a few updates. They switch to new cash registers, right? Then they can start a Facebook page.

A traditional family-owned business can be the worst culprit of the aging storefront issue.   In many cases, the businesses logo and online presence are barely existent. Whether it is a listing on, or a few reviews on yelp, long-standing businesses often have the equivalent of an unlit neon sign when it comes to presence in the online market place-and they don’t know the difference. This isn’t because they are necessarily bad marketers, or neglectful business owners, it’s because it simply hasn’t occurred to them that just like their street side store and sign, their online storefront needs a fresh coat of paint and updated sign. Otherwise, they are lost in the noise of the “flashy” (no animated pun intended) competitors who have already built online and social storefronts.

A shot of “botox,” in the form of a basic website and Facebook build to a business’s marketing campaign can be just the push the owner needs to start benefiting from online marketing.  Many say, “I know I have to do this, but I’m overwhelmed.”  Some have never even “googled” their business to see what comes up-whether it is bad reviews, or simply nothing, it’s time to circle the wagons and start the makeover.

Sometimes a logo or tag line doesn’t need to be changed, just updated…or in many cases, actually created. A current client who rents out limos and party buses has never had an actual logo other than their name in a specific font…of which title they don’t remember. Now is the time to give it a fresh perspective, and roll out the logo into a professional Facebook page with info and reviews while the website is being built.

For many established community businesses, particularly if you are starting with very little online content, a basic update goes a long way. A basic web build, Facebook build, and marketing discussion will take them from 1970 to 2012 in about six weeks. Their tradition in the community can now transfer to the online community, and with the proper training, they’ll see how they’ve opened their business to new customers and locations by virtually-not physically-expanding their storefronts.


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I draw from my experience in digital, print and broadcasting to continuously look for creative ways to link our listenership with our incredible local businesses.