Meet the Team

Brian Foster
Phone: 815.676.6663

With 15 years of client brand management experience in both broadcast and digital, I wake up every morning excited for what is next.

April Wilson
Phone: 704.762.1360

As a new media specialist, I’m ready to tackle any project or challenge. Ten years in the industry, and I still love to over deliver on client expectations!

Don Guisinger
Phone: 330.826.1364

During my 12 years in the industry I’ve learned that creativity is always rewarded, and a valuable idea always beats a low price.

Heidi McIvor
Phone: 989.752.3456

I’m an Early Adapter especially when it comes to digital. Partner that with by my degree in Entrepreneurship & Marketing; I’ll help brainstorm and execute great ideas for you!

Catie Cryder
Phone: 815.556.0108

I draw from my experience in digital, print and broadcasting to continuously look for creative ways to link our listenership with our incredible local businesses.

David Wood
Phone: 252.639.7907

After 27 years in marketing and advertising I know one thing for sure… everything changes. And today there are more innovative ways to promote your business than ever!

Jonathan Peletis
Phone: 815.444.4001

I’ve spent the last 4 years working with some very successful and innovative online marketers finding ways to monetize interactive content. You can too!

Krista Lowrey
Phone: 903.328.6957

Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” I’m passionate about marketing and have committed the past 15 years to supporting clients and their products.

Robert Wright
Phone: 843.606.0420

Over 12 years administration and programming experience and I still look forward to every opportunity to improve local business and myself.

Beth Paluzzi
Phone: 815.676.6666

After 26 years of dedicated design effort, there are no visions I cannot bring to life. Your concepts are my passion.

Jesse Naul
Phone: 815.676.6663

Marketing, Merchandising, Branding and New Product Development are my passions. With 18 years of experience in these fields, I look forward to taking your organization to the next level.

Lysa Greer
Phone: 724.603.5774

When you’re passionate about your work, it shows. It appears clearly in everything you produce. I love my work and the creativity it allows.

Alex Uribe
Phone: 847 336.7900

I love to think of new and engaging interactive campaigns that help my clients distinguish themselves from the competition.

Ryan McBride
Phone: 408-278-6317

Ryan is California born & bred, with the skill set of a Silicon Valley professional.

Matt Fantone
Phone: 330.471.1584

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”  Every brand has a digital presence.  I want to help make yours exceptional.

Jeff Calaway
Phone: 815-676-6663

Jeff’s strategy is to keep things simple for the customer, without sacrificing the extra flare that holds attention.