It’s all about ME!

Posted May 1st in Social Media

Psychology Today published a great article this month (you can read it here) that basically confirms what I’ve long suspected.  America is increasingly becoming a nation of narcissists.  According to the author, reality shows, talent shows, young Disney starlets, YouTube, and all other forms of social media are contributing to the rise of narcissism in teens and pre-teens.  The need to feed an ego and become famous has started to turn some people off to the notion of society and common good because it doesn’t fit their life.  Community does nothing to benefit ME.  So when the ego drowns out messages that do not appeal directly to building my sense of self, when ads clutter our lives like so much noise, and when there are now innumerable methods to attract attention to ourselves (while ignoring others) I have to ask…  what are YOU going to do to reach these people to sell them your products?

I don’t, and can’t, offer a guaranteed solution.  All I can do is offer advice that we can try together.  We have to hit the narcissist where it counts.  We have to be bold to get them to sit up and take notice.  We have to aid them by stroking their ego.  Give them love, tell ‘em they’re great, and make them a star.  Chances are pretty good you can see and example of  this every night on your local news with their “Facebook friend of the day.”  What better way to make someone a star?  Their picture is on TV! They’re a star.  And that TV station just cemented one more set of eyes to their offerings.

Smart brands are starting to realize this, and take advantage of this technique.  As an example, I give you Cabot Co-op in Vermont.  Take a look at their Twitter feed (@CabotCoophere’s a screenshot I made of their feed).  A moment of full disclosure, I love their cheese.  So much so that I felt compelled to follow them on Twitter.  This cheese company knows how to make its die-hard customers feel great.  They reply to tweets, they retweet their followers, they spend time interacting.  Have you ever been retweeted?  IT FEELS FANTASTIC!  It’s validation that what you say and think matter!  It takes a few seconds to reply and retweet, but when you do you help to build a stronger connection to your customer because you’re stroking their ego.

So what’s keeping you from doing it?  Don’t have time to worry about Twitter? We can do that for you.  We’ll help you build connections with your customers by feeding their ego, and we’ll make your business look like the market leader that you are!  Contact us for a free brainstorming session to see how we can help.

Oh, I almost forgot… you look very nice today!  Have you lost weight?


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